What we Do Best


C Business Services is here to be your Helping Hand in all business management needs of your business. See below for a list of services we can provide, our process, and pricing.


We Can Do

It All

From staff training to policy/procedure development and administrative support we are here to help you in all aspects of compliance.



We have the experience and tools to audit your current business setup. From Compliance and Technology Usage to Staffing and even meeting grant requirements. Once assessed, we can develop a plan of action.

Internal controls

We are excellent at helping business update or create needed policies and procedures. Whether to be compliant with regulations, achieve certification, or hold staff accountable, we can create the perfect documents for your business.


Have you identified a topic that your staff need further training in? Contact us today! We can cover leadership, compliance, and even lead workshops with your staff to engage them in finding better workflows.



Have you identified something that isn’t working for your business but aren’t sure what to do about it? We can help you investigate the situation and research ways to make it work better for you.

Everything in between

We are here to help with your investigations, staff communications and support enforcement of your business policies. Just need a “gut check” that you’re doing everything right? We can do that too!


How We Work

Free Consultation

First, Crystal will sit down with you to determine what your needs are and the best way that C Business Services can help.

Action plan

Once we know what your needs and goals are, we’ll develop an action plan to achieve these.


The part we enjoy the most is the execution of the plan!

This is where you’ll see our creativity, resourcefulness, and organization.