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Small business owners often spend too much time on non-core business activities

As a small business owner or administrator, you have probably taken on most of the administrative work yourself.  Some of these items are taking attention away from the core of your business. Core items are those things that are central to your business.

 Some non-core activities:

  • Payroll
  • Marketing
  • Accounting (paying bills and taxes)
  • Data entry/analysis

Answer these questions to determine if you need MANAGEMENT CONSULTING:

– What are your goals for this year? When do you know you’ve met these goals?

– Do you know what each person in your business is doing?

– When were staff last trained on company policies/procedures? 

– Have you reviewed your written policies/procedures or job descriptions in the last year?

– Are you doing everything you can to minimize your expenses?

– Are you utilizing others or are you doing everything yourself?


What We Can Help You With


To know where you want to go, we need to determine where you are. Together we can discuss your business goals and determine some Key Performance  Indicators that will let us know when these goals are reached.

Internal Controls

Policies and procedures are the last thing on your mind as you build/manage your business. Yet, how do you know which of your staff is doing what, and if they are doing it right if you don’t have something written down. Internal controls are about accountability and the security of your business.


What is the best communication method for your business? Let’s discuss how your employees best gather information, what method works for your management team, and what technologies could be used to be more effective.


From new hire orientation to compliance or new procedures to team building, we can customize a training package for your business. Our training is engaging and assures that each person walks away having learned something to make them a better member of the business team.

Hands-On Workshops & Talks Available

Crystal provides entertaining and informative talks on a variety of compliance topics. From privacy to safety, she helps attendees understand how these subjects apply to their day-to-day lives.


Straight Forward Pricing

Our pricing is competitive with no add-ons or additional service fees. If your company needs a project price and proposal – we can do that too!



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