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Virtual Compliance Officer


C Business Services is here to be your Helping Hand in all of the compliance needs of your business. See below for a list of services we provide as part of the VCO subscription and pricing.


All for one low monthly cost

Our Virtual Compliance Officer Services include all aspects of compliance, including annual policy reviews, training, and updates.

Annual Policy Review

A complete compliance program includes an annual policy review. Are the policies in place accurate to your current business structure? Are all regulatory requirements addressed? We help you answer these questions and more.

($2,000 value)


Staff Training

As part of your subscription package, C Business Services will provide 2 training sessions (1 hour each) to staff each year. These will be customized to your business and educational needs.

($1,000 value)

Policy/Procedure Development

Here at C Business Services, we are experts at creating and updating needed policies and procedures. From administrative manuals to staff handbooks, we can do it all.

($1,000 value)


Stay informed

It’s hard to stay informed of new and changing state and federal regulations. That’s why you have us! We will monitor regulations for your industry/location and keep you updated on trends. We do this by direct communication with you as well as a bi-monthly newsletter.

($500 value)


investigation assistance

One of the hardest parts of a compliance program is investigating complaints of policy violation. We help with this too!

($1,000 value) 


One Low Monthly Cost

Sign up today for an annual subscription to our Virtual Compliance Officer services valued at over $5,000.